The Head Coach Simone Inzaghi held a press conference after Lazio's Serie A home match against Udinese.

"We were good and won a team that in my opinion will put in troubles many opponents, as they’ve got quality and physical players. I was scared before the game, we made it right and recovered our energy after waiting this game from two months, we wanted this win, absolutely, it would have been hard, we scored three awesome goals, now we have to recover our energy.

Early in the season we won at Juventus. I was aware this team was amazing but they are speaking about us only now, at the start of the season many put us around the 10th position, we’ve been good to make them think back on us. Now they talk more about us and that is right. But don’t forget one year ago we made it back to Europe, don’t forget two years ago where we started from. Now I hear praises and good things on us, we’ve improved a lot and I tell you from the first game this year, that Supercoppa on August 13th, against Juventus. You can improve, this team is young and found its sync and we have to play every game at our best.

I’m aware the roster available is made up of quality players. Four or five press conferences ago, when Anderson and Nani were not playing, I told you they were ready. It is natural when you pull Immobile and LuisAlberto, who are doing something awesome, it was a bit weird, but I also said there was going to be room for everybody because we have so many games ahead, and everybody had the chance to start and play. And for a coach, when you have 2 offensive players like them who can give some rest to Luis Alberto and Immobile, is something great. In Milan we have 2 back to back games. We have to play them both well as AcMilan is a great team, with quality, everybody put them among the top ones this year.

They’re better now, they did a good game with Cagliari, and the game before too, we have to be good to recover well. We have one game more than them and we have just 4 days to recover back and then we play these 2 important games. About our first half, we were playing Udinese, not a team of kids. It is the most physical team in the league in my opinion, with MaxiLopez and Perica, it is a game I was scared of and we were good, and when we had our chance we scored".