Coach Simone Inzaghi spoke to Lazio Style Channel after the TIM Cup match against Milan.

"We played a good game. We regret it as we wanted this road win, we didn’t make it. We deserved it, widely, but I think this stadium is not of good luck to us. We played three times here, with two scoreless draws and one loss, but we deserved to win them all. Ok anyway.

Now we know we must win at home, period. The tie won’t be enough. We made a good game and we deserved more, AcMilan is a fit and in shape team now, they played their game, struggling a lot and rising up in the final and we’ve been good to stay in the game. Initially I wanted to start Nani over Immobile, but Ciro looked really good and I chose to play them all for 7-8 minutes and let Senad put the tactical asset back on track eventually.

Caceres, Luiz Felipe and everybody were damn good tonight, even Radu, the wideouts, the midfielders, felipe and Immobile, they all did good. The only thing we missed is the goal and that’s it. It’s been another well played team game. We worked hard in these two past days, even though we were a bit exhausted. We played well and this Lazio really deserved. Jordan improved a lot since he came here one and a half years ago and is doing a lot more, he’s improving, he’s always positive and this is great for us".