Martin Caceres spoke to Lazio Style Channel after the TIM Cup match against Milan.

"I played after two weeks I’m here. I’m glad personally, not for tonight’s outcome. We tried to win the game. Now we must win at home. We joked in the locker about the one who plays close to Radu becomes the best one. After 10 years he’s here, I believe Radu is a great man and a great player as well. Talking about the games, now we play every 3 days and we must do the best to stay fit and well. Beyond being a good team it is natural to suffer a conditioning decrease along the way.

We have a good and wide roster and who plays doesn’t make miss who not. We reacted well after Sunday’s loss. Today this Lazio was different from the start. We tried to win the game. We didn’t do it, now we have to think to our home game and win it to clinch the final. After playing many seasons with Juventus, I do know this system. The three-man line with the sidebacks high and the midfield as well, means I do know well the positions and I understand it well. It is good to play with my mates who are doing so well this season and after 2 weeks I was surprised of this team because in the 5 months I played in verona I could watch them from afar and when you play here it turns totally different. I wish the season will keep on this way for Lazio up to the end".