Senad Lulic spoke to Lazio Style Channel after the Serie A TIM match against Inter.

“Pity not to achieve the UCL this way. I think the season remains positive. What we did this year. We are out of the Champions League recording the same number of points of our opponents. We did not lose the qualification today yet. We had to close the issue quite earlier. We had many chances, the biggest one, last week, in Crotone and there you then always risk to keep it open and, eventually losing this way, dominating the match and conceding 2 goals on dead ball, it hurts.

We must be aware we are a great team and we have great players but we still lack that extra something to get to higher levels, to be the best between Italy and Europe you lack a few things yet, and to make the difference, we must be a bit clever, to better protect the results, today we didn’t do it. We have not been able to defend on dead balls. And we knew they are strong on dead balls, we had to be more careful and not take these 2 goals.

Everything that happened this year is incredible. No one would have believed that Lazio could have played it until the end for the Champions League and we are so proud of what it was done this year, this is going to be a starting point for the next, now we go on vacation, unplug, and get ready for our coming training camp in Auronzo”.