Wesley Hoedt spoke to Lazio Style Radio.

"I'm fine and the team feels good too. We started the season in the right way. We are in fifth position and we have 18 points. Now we have to stay focused on the next game: against Sassuolo will be a difficult game.

Inzaghi is very good coach. Last year I played a lot of games and this year I started the season with the objective to play even more. Now I'm a completely different player than last year. I played the first match in Bergamo, then Inzaghi chose other players. I spoke with him, I accepted his decisions and I have always done all my best during training sessions.

The age is important in football, but if a player has the quality to stay in Serie A, he has to have his space. The coach is giving a lot of space at our young players, who paid his confidence. Wallace is learning italian language: it’s an important aspect to communicate during matches. He seemes like me during last year: we are both 22 years old but I have already played 40 matches for Lazio.

We have done a very good game against Cagliari. My first objective is defend, I have understood italian football. I still have plenty of time to improve myself. I'd like to score 3 or 5 times in this season. Bastos is a very defender, is more experienced than me. De Vrij has already played 250 matches and he has so much experience. He is brilliant, is very nice and he is helping me a lot.

We can arrive in the first 5 positions and aspire to a place in next Europa League. We have a strong team, we can play at the same level with everyone.

All Serie A teams have strong strikers, while in Holland the level is lower.

I dream to play with the Dutch national team".