Before daily training, Sergej Milinkovic spoke in press conference:

“For us it will be an important test with Napoli and a tough game. Napoli is a great team with great players. We have to go to San Paolo without any pressure as the last few games we played well and we won and now we have to play well again setting up the game for the good. We have to own the game.

Now we’re a great group. Inzaghi made it, our locker is great, this makes us play better.

We can aim to something more than Europa League, because we’re fourth and are always willing to win. Let’s see what we can do. After playing Europa League the other year, this year we have to make it to the Champions League.

My goal with Lazio is to play well. I have to keep on doing it, what I always done in my career so far, as I feel great here.

Last season Inzaghi came in a delicate time, now he’s got more time to go and set up everything better. He always wants the best, and this is what we are doing right now.

I don’t know where I have to improve. I have to grow more for sure.

Last year we lost to Napoli, now we’re better, we play better and we have to come to this game better. I think on Saturday we can earn a good result.

Everybody can improve, and now we feel good. Our goal is to make it to the first three of the table, to play the Champions League. I have to do more for the club and for our fans.

The fans will come to greet us at the train station, and for us is great, they love to play well. They came to support us lately, but we need them more because for us when they are there we play better, when we get out of the lockers and see the stadium full, it is a great motivation for us.

Last year I didn’t play any derby and I wish to play it because it is a great challenge and I came to lazio also to play this game.

I can play both on the left or right, it doesn’t matter a lot because when in the game I move a lot, either side. At first I’d like to play midfield a bit right or behind the striker.

Matic, I like him a lot, as he’s a great man and a great player. For now we don’t play the same position but I like him a lot and he’s the number one.

One year ago I’ve been named to make the first squad in our Serbian national team, now I want to reach great goal with my Under 21. I will firstly play with them, then we see. I’m young and I can’t understand well how to manage the whole game yet, as in the first half I run more and in the second half I struggle a bit. As of now I’m not still able to manage myself well, but I will learn and achieve this too”.