After the match against Cagliari, Felipe Anderson spoke to Lazio Style Channel.

"I’m happy for today, I’m more confident toward the next game. And look for plays alike. The important thing is the win, as by winning we take 3 points home. Even without scoring I am happy for the win. I try to improve every day to keep on scoring and help Lazio. It is important no matter who scores that Lazio wins. We always say the team has to be short, and on the field we can find energies to run back with keita. Parolo as well does a great job. In both phases. Senad, danilo they’re all helpful, we’re a united team. Together we sacrifice for each other even on defense, we work for this, to feel good on our legs, to do this job, and being there ahead with strenght, like we did with keita, me, Ciro, we start to have a great tuning. we can improve a lot yet. I think is a start and we have to grow more, we are doing a tough job, with all my mates, and winning we know we’re on the right track. We keep on this way, because we are only at week 10 yet, and it is important to win, no matter a goal less on my sheet, or save one back, the important is winning.

I’m a team-player, many say I have to focus more on myself and find the goal, but I have to listen our manager. He doesn’t ask me actually anything different, playing back is something I like to do, in order to win. If Lazio wins, and I’m doing that job, I have to keep on doing it and improve, every day, we have to play as a team.

Our manager, mates and myself trustness is the most important thing at all. This year I see a very motivated and compact group. Even the youngers are doing great and this boosts up our confidence, as they got well in the group. We’re a team. When one is doing well, the others follow. This you can see in our practices, help each other is important.

Last year it didn’t go too bad, but we improve and grow more when things go bad, and this season I’m much stronger in everything. Personal life, professional one. This is why this is going to be the best year ever and I’m gonna do everything to improve more".