After the match against Cagliari, Ciro Immobile spoke to Lazio Style Channel.

"I’m glad as we’re achieving what we practice, and for a forward is easier to turn for real our chances. We came after two straight draws, the one with Bologna has been undeserved, and with Torino was pretty ok as we dominated one period each. Today there was no challenge. Lazio did the game. Our manager prepared well the game today no matter the few time available. I’m happy for my scores and for Felipe’s one. On the field we have fun as we have a young manager, we’re young, we want to improve and get better more and more. we play for our mates, even on this we improved a lot, when at first we struggled a bit. Now we’re a team. And on the field you can see it.

We knew it was important to win today. The table is short. On Sunday we’re gonna have one extra home game, we come from two draws with great performances. We enjoy the moment as we play well. Honestly we didn’t deserve one more tie. as of the last 2 good games. So, I congratulate my mates, the manager and his staff, because it was not easy to play them, we had fun and made our attendance to have fun as well.

Our personal goals at the end go along with our team’s ones. As you all know, the striker plays well when the team goes accordingly, and we create many chances. You can end up well. Every season is different from the other one. In turin I started bad and became top scorer. I know it is hard to be a top scorer, there are so many strikers in Italy. Now, I enojy the moment, it is going well, and I try to do what I do in practice and I achieve it well. I Thank my mates for the assists, even though today I scored first out of a penalty and then out of their mistake. The other games I’ve been able to score thanks to my mates.

As we got in gear, and we achieved what we did in practice I got advantage of its as the team sees time to improve and learn our manager’s hints. I was waiting for the moment and chances came.

I’m not a still striker. Aside of my last name I can’t wait for the ball, I like to play with my mates, and they are strong players with qualities, and have the right timing and are helpful for the team. It is something we try in practice, the classic 4-3-3 plays and I try to exploit my attitudes, that is depth and the cut behind the defender. that’s it".