After the match against Sassuolo Lucas Biglia spoke to Lazio Style Channel.

"I'm happy for the return, I thank those who helped me get back in advance. It was nice to return especially for the level the guys are now. This is more important.

I still need to find the beat in training. Saturday night in Naples it will be a difficult game. I'm happy to have played 30 minutes, happy for the moment they are experiencing the guys who are doing very well. We have young people who grew up here and then who knows the place, who are happy to work, mixed with more experienced players who want to teach the less experienced. The guys who are taking our hand, we are going forward together. This is all about the coach and his technical staff who are doing a very important job.

Being like a father makes me happy, even I grew up with the great players teachings. I got all this experience to give it to them. I am not an example to anyone, but sometimes when you are out, you see things that others do not see. And this I do not know if it is a council but it is an opinion. I am happy that young people take my words as tips to grow. The goal is always the same, keep going game by game. We have a long way yet , when we near the end of the season we will see where we are and what we can aim. However, the most important is that we want to return to Europe. Parolo has done very well as director, he’s got experience, he’s a national. He can easily do the point guard, he did well. And Cataldi as well. I'm happy because who enters does his job to perfection and this takes you to get the result like today, it makes you grow up in a more peaceful way, which is what we want, and then we work in the week always 100% to improve every day " .