After the match against Sassuolo, Federico Marchetti spoke to Lazio Style Channel.

"Surely when you enter the field, especially in my role, you're instantly loaded up, so the play of the first minute is secondary. We were perhaps a bit soft and they have exploited the play. Luckily we were able to patch and keep the 0 all, until the end of the first half, that we personally have done so and so, we have been less brilliant than usual. In the second half we came in with a different look, we made the first goal and then the game was downhill. Then we did the two to zero, it seemed all done but then football is this: just lower your focus and they punish you. But even there we returned immediately back on track, we struggled together, and we took it home.

Surely we had valuable opponents, the coach had stated it more and more in recent days. Speaking clearly that if we had made the game with Cagliari, it would have not be enough to bring home the 3 points today and then we entered with the right head, we struggled, we moved around well apart on the chance of the goals and in the end, but I think that during the game the moves have been good, both in the construction from behind with personality. We are growing, all of us, there are so many young ones: they need some time to settle properly. Wallace, especially, is coming from a different league and is showing that he deserves to be here, so we're happy for him. Now we turn the page because Saturday will be another game and we have to do and give more.

I think we have to work on lapses in concentration, because it has happened other times that we detach a little the plug. And these issues should be analyzed because it is a pity, for the qualities that we have, to frustrate all for our drops. I think this team has also the awareness of being able to fight, to be able to hold on, in difficult times. When the game got on 2 to 1, we were on set, we wanted to bring it home and we did well with a bit of luck at the last second because they had the equalizer ball, however, they have not thrown in. good for us. But I think an issue on which we must work to grow because there are young people who rightly have to experience, but definitely when you win you analyze things more calmly and with more serenity. We know what we do less well, the more we look at the field, the coach and staff are fussy in this, we have to work, we have to improve ourselves to try to do something extraordinary, because we have the opportunity.”