After the match against Cagliari, coach Simone Inzaghi spoke to Lazio Style Channel.

"We know what it meant this Eearthquake, we touched with our hands in Amatrice and when we were there, from here in Rome we felt a big event over there but we saw a destroyed population there.

I’m happy for the game, as it was in the recent games and tonight we won, deserving, everybody ahead scored and I’m glad about the performance of all our team. We had 2 and a half days to get to the match, we practiced early morning today and I saw the team well, they wanted the three points, we enjoy the moment and then head to Sassuolo, as of Sunday’s match a very important one.

Well, I think Ciro is right now in a state of grace, it happens to strikers, and I hope he can keep on this way, but aside of the goals he’s scoring I appreciated Ciro from the very first day he came here, in a new reality, he was coming from two difficult years even though when he got the chance to play he scored. I liked how he dressed up for this fresh new challenge. As we all know it is not easy in Rome, and many strikers came by and now luckily, he came here and I hope he can stay for a long time and score many goals, but what I like of him at all is his helpful attitude and his commitment in practice every day.

I think this team has got some room to improve, then you know, we finished the first half on 3-0 and we already did it in bergamo and I asked the guys to stay focused because games last 90 minutes, and I think we were good to manage the right plays in the game, managing the ball and the kids improved a lot since the start of the season.

I think they’re doing good, as well as the subs. Djordjevic last Sunday in Turin was fundamental. they’re doing good. It is a good group. The nicest thing this year is no matter we are in a delicate emergency moment, as we play without players like DeVrij, Milinkovic, Biglia, who was really doing well, Bastos, who got the attention of many and nobody is missing them too much. So a manager when sees his team play this way, with so many employed players, well, that is a great reason of pride.

I regret more, though in football you can’t watch at your back but always forward, we have to watch at Sassuolo. though it is natural when you think to the mass of play we did with Bologna and torino you may regret it but it is in the past, but the standings has not changed, and tonight we enjoy this win and tomorrow  we’ll think to Sassuolo".