Alessandro Murgia spoke in press conference.

“I’m really happy for my beginning in this season, but it’s only a starting point. I have to continue to do all my best. I try to make the coach in trouble in each training session but I accept his decisions.

The training sessions with the First Team are a great opportunity and I work hard every day to play in official matches. We are a fantastic group. Everyone gives all his best for the squad.

I started my career in Youth Teams, now I’d like to become an important player for Lazio. It’s my dream. The club believes in me, now I have to repay it.

After my first goal, everybody congratulated with me, the club, the coach and my teammates but I was a little bit nervous because I wanted to win against Torino.

Lazio is an important team, we think match after match and at the end of the season we'll see our position in league table.

To play in the First Team is harder than in the Youth Teams. I’m growing up both mentally and physically but I still have to improve a lot. I can learn by great players like Biglia and Parolo. I have to think faster.

Inzaghi is a fantastic coach. He gave me an incredible opportunity. He taught me to never give up.

At the end of last season, I had to decide between go away or stay here. The club told me that I could be inserted into the First Team so I decided to remain. I’m really happy about this decision.

I’d like to play with Italy but now I’m focused only to grow up with Lazio".