The forward spoke at the end of the traing session.

"In these days we are working hard. We have a good position in league table and we want to mantain it.

The match against Napoli was really difficult, we suffered but we brought home an important point.

We are a young team. The coach and his staff were good at creating an atmosphere of fun during the trainings. Even boring exercises have into something fun. We can see all these results during the matches.

All of us have understood the Italian football, we never give up and we have to be always at the top physically. The oldest teammates help youngers. During each week we prepare the match with the staff in every details.

Inzaghi is my favorite coach because my performances are better with him. I give my 100% for him: he took me from the bottom and now he's giving me important opportunities. I thank him for everything.

The match against Roma will be my first derby in First Team and I know that we'll work during the week with more tension. If I can play just three minutes of that match will be fantastic".