Family practice game between the first team and the Primavera Fersini. The two teams took to the field at 10:45 and have played two halves of 25 minutes. The first half ended 2-0 for Lazio with two goals from Luis Alberto. In the three-goal shooting for the first team: two goals from Murgia and Tounkara goals.


Lazio - Lazio Primavera 5-0

Scorers: 15’, 18’ Luis Alberto (L), 37’, 38’ Murgia (L), 46’ Tounkara (L).


LAZIO (first half): Alia; Spizzichino, Bastos, Wallace, Vinicius; Minala, Leitner, Murgia; Luis Alberto, Djordjevic (Tounkara), Lombardi.

LAZIO (second half): Cirillo; Spizzichino, Bastos, Wallace, Vinicius; Minala, Leitner, Murgia, Luis Alberto, Tounkara, Lombardi.


LAZIO PRIMAVERA (first half): Marchetti; Fofana, Miceli, Dovidio, Ceka; Folorunsho, Javorcic, Rezzi; Ennali, Tounkara, Al-Hassan.

LAZIO PRIMAVERA (second half): Alia; Spurio, Miceli (Fofana), Dovidio (Baxevanos), Ceka (Suleiman); Ennali, Cardoselli, Rezzi (Folorunsho), Bezziccheri; Al Hassan (Portanova), Rossi.