After the match against Napoli, coach Simone Inzaghi spoke to Lazio Style Channel.

"Perhaps we could take the lead with two opportunities by Immobile. Also in the first time we have it wrong on the last step, however, nothing to say. I repeat, a great performance against a strong team, because do not forget that we played against Napoli, it is a very good team that has good players who can put you in trouble. But I think we did well and we managed despite the goal taken to reorganize and to equalize immediately. We wanted to take away a bit of their play because Napoli has a good passing game, can create a lot of problems with their centrals that are in play and I think we did well, we removed somewhat their play, we did a good game, we knew how to struggle when it was time and we fought back in the best way.

It was great, the fans have given us a lot yesterday at Termini’s train station. Because they could not be here and have come the same to support us. And so it was a source of great pride not only for me but I think all the guys because they feel them close, we want to have them with us and I hope that this can happen. Excluding Hoedt after a series of games it is never easy, but in short I am the coach and I have to make choices and do not forget that we had out de Vrij and Bastos that for us are very important players; and then once you've chosen Wallace central I think Basta was the right pick to stay on Insigne and Mertens and he was the ideal player. Marchetti was very good, helped us, made excellent saves, but to me Federico has never been a problem indeed is an added value to this team. beyond Federico I think all of the boys and those who played, and those who came after, do not forget that Patric, Djordjevic and Lombardi came at a difficult time but they were worthy. After returning from the break we will find an organized team, which is strong to play against, that is Genoa, but we have to be ready, we should have a good game because Genoa is a dangerous team".