After the match against Vicenza, Alessio Miceli spoke at Lazio Style Radio, 89.3 FM:

"We had 2-3 chances in the second half we should have exploited them. It is a draw that as I said before we hold tight to how it started the game, it is okay.

Alessandro Rossi has worked hard for the team today, unfortunately he did not have many scoring chances, used to have it, he made a great shot but it was unlucky. We work to enable him to make him get a goal, he has already made 12 at the start of the season, now unfortunately did not succeed but I am convinced that the next will continue his streak. In the second half we went limp, they immediately had some chances and we went into a tailspin. They went on with what you were doing, throwing the ball and we found ourselves in difficulty. But not so good because we had to win this game. It is not a game that you had to equalize. Here in our house we have no rivals, and this match was to take home. during the week we try different modules, we go through 442, and 433, 4312, we have now sided with the 3-5-2, we knew what to do but I think we have not done badly. We were a bit long between departments, sometimes their playmaker we put him a little in trouble and we could not take the right steps. As for my role I always give everything on the pitch when the coach puts me in a position. I never played as a central defender, but I'm trying to give my all, to learn and try to give something to the team. Having a good technique I can also overcome this, by throwing the ball forward, trying to assist my teammates. Hopefully it will go so well.