Dusan Basta spoke in press conference.

“We are working hard in this week. In the last days we focused on tactical exercises. I ain’t a centre-back but I want always do my best, helped by my experience. I’m living a great moment, I’m better than the beginning of the season.

There are a lot of things similar to two season ago, the squad has much enthusiasm. These positive weeks give us much trust. We want to go on day by day. Inzaghi is a very good coach, he has always done his best from the first day. He is young and this is an advantage for us. Thank to his work, we are only focused give our best.

We are not under pressure, we are relaxed on the field. A team that want to close the season into the first five places must be able to adapt to the opponents. We can play with four defenders but also with just three. We work with both these systems of play.

The derby is really important for us, but it’s too much early to start think about it. Now we have to be focus on Genoa first. Rossoblu can surprise us but we have to prepare the game in the best way. I hope that our supporters can come numerous to help us to win all together as a big family.

Our secret is the group, both on the field and outside. Competition is always good, all of us want always do our best”.