"I can’t see this great dual with Mourinho, I’ve met him, he’s a great character, I still like him. I don’t feel there’s a rivalry at all, he’s won a lot more than me, he has a higher pedigree than me. Obviously in the derby we’ll do anything and everything to win the game. I don’t have a lot of quotes to make, I’ll quote myself more than others. I would like to see a team that has a great spirit of sacrifice during the week to have fun on Sunday, that comes out the hunger in training to have the hunger in the game to dominate.

I saw in this club the characteristics to express the best of me, then I like what I see and there are the right conditions: it’s a moment when I needed this, a team with these characteristics, that would take me to do the job in the way that suits me.

Mancini is talking about Immobile, he always puts him in, it means he’s happy. He started well in terms of goals, now he hasn’t scored in the last few games, then he’s giving everything else. The participation is of a good level. Then there are times when scoring comes easier, others a bit less. What I’ve seen from Ciro leaves me extremely calm, I know that grades often depend on the goal made or missed, but for a coach it’s different. I’m happy with what Immobile is doing.

It won’t be an easy and short path, with new teams at the beginning I always struggled a bit. When you have precise ideas, when you are a coach on the pitch and not a manager, it’s inevitable. People think they are cold schemes, here we are talking about philosophy, you have to pass the philosophy on to the players and your own way of thinking. It’s quite a long way, putting twenty-five different brains together and getting them to match philosophy is complex. The football I enjoy is the one that sends me home in the evening happy regardless of the result. You can go home angry even after a win.

The number one goal is to have fun, it starts with the coach, he starts to have fun, then the player, the team, and then look at it. Unlike the clichés that you have to play badly to win, I don’t understand that. You can lose games but if you play well you win in the end.

Luis Alberto didn’t respond to a call-up, it’s a problem from the club’s point of view, but on the other hand, from a moral point of view, I’m waiting for him to arrive, to talk to me and the team, if he convinces us the problem goes away, if not he’ll have to apologize to me and the team.

If I didn’t believe in Felipe Anderson, I would have opposed the purchase. He had 6-7 months here as a stratospheric player, he seemed destined for Barcelona or Bayern Munich. When I was in England, he did well in the first leg, the problem was always consistency, our goal is to create the conditions for him to keep his value, he has enormous potential. Our task is to bring him to serenity so he can have consistency. I don’t understand why he’s inconsistent, I hope to help him remove this problem, but he has ferocious potential.

I didn’t mind the pressure, I’m not a socialite, for me the fans are the ones who show up in front of me. I’m pleased they’re happy I’m here. I don’t think there’s any less pressure at Juventus, Napoli or Chelsea. The normality of this job, even if I find it hard to consider it as such. It’s a passion.

It’s all normal, I had a year where I didn’t do anything, I didn’t miss football behind closed doors, I didn’t feel nostalgic. I missed the week but not the game, I didn’t feel like seeing it.

Now, with the fans in the stands, it will all grow out of all proportion in a short period of time, hopefully the pandemic will be positive and we will see the fans again like at the European Championship. A new world is opening up, now I want to start coaching again.

I’ve always been called a fundamentalist of all the systems, maybe I am a fundamentalist, but tell me about it because I find it hard to understand. The goal is to start with 4-3-3, but then there is the evolution. At Empoli I started in one way and ended up in another, just like Napoli. At Chelsea there were no doubts about the characteristics of the forwards, I often changed the system from the first days of preparation. The objective is the 4-3-3, let’s see the wingers who’ll be there, then it’s not that we have to be afraid of a young player in the three forwards, let’s see what the market offers, what it can bring us. We’re also ready to change our minds. Even if our inside players are to be protected, the 1-2 up front leads you to cut the inside midfielders, it’s a wasteful formation, we lengthen their defensive runs, when I did it continuously like Empoli at the end of the game we had to change the wingers and go back to the 4-3-3. The two inside players who have scored 17-18 goals as a pair are for a 4-3-3, we need to give them some help so they can continue to be dangerous defensively.

Teams have certain characteristics, you have to be careful not to change them. It seems to me that this team has a lot of players who can score, if we can find two strikers on the wings it’s great. We’ll see what the objective is, the first year will be one of construction, this doesn’t preclude us from anything, but it will be more difficult than the following years. But we’re not giving up.

The first year may be a bit of construction, we know the objective and from an economic point of view it makes a difference.

In 2020 Lazio certainly were the most fearsome, you could take your chances by getting a few games wrong. I’ve seen that in the final phase of the season Lazio didn’t score many points, I don’t think it’s a physical issue, when I talk to the trainers, they are all very well prepared, it’s difficult to make a mistake. Of course, if they change the calendar it can happen, it’s an unpredictable variable and anything can happen.

We are faced with crazy calendars, no one helps, UEFA will give you a European Championship with 24 teams, FIFA will make the World Cup with 50 teams, I expect everything. We did two years of qualification to eliminate many small national teams. I hope everyone has the good will to return to sustainable football, to return to ready games. For the Scudetto we’ll see, a different cycle is starting, we’ll play in a different way, we’ll try to remain competitive, possibly with the passage of time we’ll try to improve, the goal is to be highly competitive.

The club wanted to give me a four-year contract, but I wanted to make it shorter, because I’m a certain age and I wanted to make sure that in two years I have the same energy. I’m sure, if I do, I’ll extend it. It depends on what kind of bear we will have, it’s a difficult tournament from a material point of view. I always think that in Europe you have to give everything, in Italy we have had some so-so years, you wear the shirt that represents the club and the fans at European level, this year it will be even more difficult. I’d rather drop out in March than look terrible in Europe.

I’m anti-social, it’s an evolution that has led us to a deterioration in social relations, thinking like this the natural consequence is not to have social networks. I’m someone who already finds phone relationships difficult, I like to ring the doorbell and have someone come down to talk to them and see their face. For me, social networks are unfeasible for relationships.

Lotito is quite big, he’s difficult to contain. I don’t come from easy experiences with presidents anyway. Lazio’s history can be talked about in a thousand ways, but the one that sticks in my mind is Maestrelli’s, he’s an extraordinary character, I met his family and he’s remained dear to me.

I’m a fundamentalist of the 4-man defense, because at Empoli we tried a 3-man defense, for my directives it’s almost impossible. By asking you to focus on the area, to see the opponent, you always ended up deep and as 5. I don’t have the patience to wait for teams, I get bored, I have the frenzy to go and attack. Excluding Hysaj the others will have to go down a route, I don’t think it’s an insurmountable problem, I’ve spoken to Lazzari, he told me he wants to try, I wouldn’t worry, with that acceleration he’ll put in some moves and we’ll be ok. Marusic is a good player, he can play in a back four with confidence.

I spoke to Peruzzi five days ago at most, he’s an important person for Lazio, I hope that once he’s settled down from a physical point of view after the knee operation, I hope to find him again, he can give us a big hand. I called him to see how he was, I spoke to him.

Correa could be a left-sided forward if he has the desire and the motivation to do so. For some time, he had expressed the desire to change teams, if when he returns, he has changed his mind, I’d be the happiest of all and I’d ask him to be available to start on the left. If you’re playing with 12 players you play two central midfielders, if not one. Obviously when Lazio came to see me one day, we talked about changing something. There’s room in the squad for two, I’ll see what the market brings. It’s hard to say we’ll choose this or that, it depends on the market, we’ll see what comes out.

I’ve never had a midfield of players, here we have Lucas Leiva, next to two offensive players with quality. On Sergej it must be said that he also has defensive qualities, he puts away two thousand balls from the area, he makes his weight felt. Luis Alberto also makes defensive movements, the important thing is to allow the line to have readings and stay high. If they are willing to make the movements, I’m interested in having the ability to keep the ball covered. I’m interested in that”.