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The Youth Sector of the S.S. Lazio, implements an integrated system called the 'LAZIO MODEL'. Every aspect is characterised by a unique transparency on the part of all the technical components. There is therefore no single AREA or TEAM method, but an exclusive Lazio model. Initially, individual technique is taken care of, then as the years go by, the tactical aspect is integrated, raising the practical knowledge of each player more and more. The Lazio Youth Sector imposes three behavioural obligations on its athletes, which are considered to be of fundamental importance, the first being the 'family' as the most important value that supports our youngsters, secondly the 'school' which must be attended and completed in an optimal manner, and thirdly, finally, 'football' played in a serious manner, as a second opportunity after school

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The activities of the Youth Sector of the S.S. Lazio are aimed at developing the technical, tactical and physical-athletic aspects of young players with the goal of leading them to wear the jersey of the Capital's first team. In order to achieve this goal, the first real objective is to develop ATHLETES and ATHLETE, preparing them to tread the greatest football 'stages', even though we are aware that not everyone will make this sport a profession. Considerable importance is therefore given to EDUCATIONAL ASPECTS: close attention to academic achievement, respect for the rules, a sense of belonging and a spirit of sacrifice are an integral part of this growth path.



ORGANISATIONAL AREA: 1 General Co-ordinator, 4 Secretary Clerks, 32 Accompanying Managers.

TECHNICAL AREA: 4 General Coordinators, 7 Professional Coaches UEFA A, 24 Basic Coaches UEFA B, 9 Youth Coaches UEFA C, 10 Professional Goalkeeping Coaches, 8 Youth Sector Goalkeeping Coaches, 1 Women's Football Team Manager.

ATHLETIC AREA: 15 Professional Athletic Trainers, 3 Graduates in Motor Sciences for the Development of the Coordination Capabilities of the boys of the Football School.

MEDICAL AREA: 1 Medical Director, 1 Coordinator, 11 Specialist Doctors, 15 Sports Physiotherapists, 1 Sports Psychologist plus 2 Assistant Psychologists, 1 Nutritionist, 1 Podiatrist.

SCOUTING AREA: 12 Observers operating at provincial, regional and national level.



  • 1 School Tutor
  • 1 Mentoring Tutor
  • Study Room
  • Games Room
  • Swimming Pool
  • Gymnasium



  • 2 Warehousemen
  • 1 Warehouseman
  • Laundry
  • Digital Management of Technical and Sporting Equipment

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